How to Place the Roll Sheet If you want to use the roll sheet, you must mount the roll-placing table. If the safety label is illegible due to stains or has come off, purchase a new one from your local distributor or our office. Test Cutting plotting Test cutting plotting Execute test cutting plotting to confirm the tool conditions. Remove the pen line rubber. With the CG’s selectable clamp pressure, including high and low settings, prevents long sheets of media from slipping, and eliminates high and low pressure damage to the media by grit-rollers.

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Loading a sheet of media Either a leaf sheet cut sheet or a roll sheet can be loaded on the plotter.

MIMAKI CG-60SL Operation Manual

Cutting plotting You can start cutting plotting after completion of setting up a tool, loading a sheet and setting the tool conditions. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Setting the tool conditions Set the Tool Conditions. Pinch roller Clamp lever Grit roller Loading a sheet of media Install the sheet support to the roll table as shown in illustration.

In addition, by feeding the sheet beforehand, you can check for a skew of the sheet or prevent skew while cutting plotting the cg-60sp data. They do not indicate errors but require an appropriate action.

Mimaki CGSL Cutting Plotter

Setting of the origin P. Other Useful Functions Output the Setting List You can keep this plotted sheet for your future reference or transmit this document by facsimile when you contact your local distributor for maintenance. Add to Wish List. Enter the code below: Mimaki, renowned for high Quality Signmaking equipment, now offers mijaki device that sets new standards in processing quality and achievement within the signmaking industry.


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How to Place the Roll Sheet If you want to use the roll sheet, you must mount the roll-placing table. The image quality is not guaranteed because the pen tip position differs depending on the pen in use. The roll sheet receiver with stopper can set the media correctly, preventing meandering of rolled media, and enabling highly accurate long sheet cutting.

Lock nut Remove the cutter holder, and loosen the lock nut. Connector ports This plotter uses the USB connector for connection to the host computer.

Checking the accessories The articles illustrated below are supplied with your plotter as accessories. Set the distance compensation When cutting is to be performed along a long length, the cut length may significantly differ from the data value, depending on the thickness of the sheet. Functions in the Jog Mode Two-point axis alignment If a ruled sheet is set, align the horizontal and vertical axes with the Compensation point appropriate lines on the sheet.

Automatic registration mark detection can be configured to recognize up to 4 reference points, both in in X-direction-and-Y-direction. If this order is not correctly followed, gc-60sl plotter can malfunction.

Page 3 Loading a sheet of media Foreword Be sure to read this Operation manual carefully, before starting to operate the plotter. Adjusting the protrusion of the cutter blade Adjust the cutter blade according to the types of the cutters and the sheet for use.


Switch The Cutting plotting Direction Switch the cutting plotting direction This function sets the location of origin and direction of the axes of coordinates according to the application software to be used. Send data from the host computer to the plotter. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

A special adaptor is included which allows the use of commercially available pens. Other Useful Functions Other Useful Functions Feed the paper Before starting cutting plottingfeed the sheet manually by the length to be used.

Safety Labels Safety Labels A safety label is stuck on the plotter body. Loading a sheet of media Method of detecting a sheet When a sheet of media is set, the following two displays will appear alternately on the LCD panel.

Other Useful Functions Feed the paper Before starting cutting mimakjfeed the sheet manually by the length to be used. Cutter Blade If the cutter blade is chipped or blunt, replace it with a new one.

The plotter has failed to detect the