In these cases the keys can be pressed down on one edge or in the centre of the key to get the appropriate number. The keyboard actually works better than you might imagine at first glance, with a powerful predictive text engine, though it favours those with dainty fingers. In two handed, or pen based usage, the M performs very well. Firstly as a one handed device using the hardware keys in conjunction with fingers on the touchscreen softkeys, secondly as a two handed device, using the stylus together with either handwriting recognition or the keyboard and thirdly a mixture of the first two options at different times. Therefore the M is something of a watershed for Sony Ericsson and very much looks to the future. There is a strong emphasis on application chaining, which is the calling of one application from another to carry out a specific task path. As with other thumb keyboards, those with larger fingers may have problems, although the M will probably be less problematic than others because of the generously sized keys.

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However the lack of an import option means it is best used for mobile specific feeds or for a few of your favourite desktop feeds.

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Each standard email, push email system or synced email box has its own Inbox and set of folders. One of the shortcuts of the activity screen is the main menu icon which takes you to the main menu application launcher which can be shown as a list or a grid and will be familiar to anyone who has used a slny UI. Battery life is acceptable with the Mi managing a full day of heavy usage with continuous push email messaging functionality.

The inevitable result of this dual usage approach is that instead of optimising for one particular usage scenario both must be catered for and this does result in both software and hardware compromises.


Thanks to its slim proportions the M is comfortable in the hand and feels like a normal phone.

Finally in UI usage terms it is worth examining the approach to links between applications. Fortunately the M has an excellent unified messaging application. The phone has 80MB of built-in storage and a 64MB Mini-Memory Stick to allow a large number of emails, or a small number of multimedia files, to travel with you.

There are some places in the Erixsson, such as configuration dialogs, where arrow key behaviour can appear to be inconsistent because of different UI widgets, ericseon the lack of a directional keypad is noticeable when moving through large blocks of text.

Sony Ericsson M600

Quickoffice is an impressive achievement and is one of the best office suites available for mobile devices. The absence of WiFi is perhaps not surprising given the device dimensions, but soy would have been a welcome extra.

A nice touch is the ability to filter the music shown in the music library to exclude lower quality files or specific file types. In essence, Sony Ericsson’s platform strategy is based on two major elements – a standardised Java platform for all devices and secondly UIQ 3 as a platform for mid to high end devices. Thanks to both the keyboard and the software, the Mi is a capable messaging device.

In the Mi, Soony 3 gets its first outing and although there are a few inconsistencies there is, for those willing to spend some time on the learning curve, a first rate user soony. We will be looking into some of these changes in later articles. It is worth noting that the M also supports input via handwriting sonyy good and an on-screen keyboard pooralthough these are best seen as secondary options.

Memory Stick Micro “M2”. Picture gallery is an impressive application with comprehensive image management features and a useful folder slideshow feature.

Sony Ericsson M600i

Unfortunately ericwson menu can only be accessed using the touchscreen which hampers its usefulness in one handed mode. Task manager is made up of two tabs – recent and open – both of which list applications. Ericssno are no profiles on the Mi, although there are offline accessed via the power button and silent accessed via a long press on the key modes.


The touchscreen displayscolours bit colour depth with a resolution of x pixels at 2. The voice control accessed by holding the jog dial in on the standby screen does required the recording of voice tags, which seems out of date compared to speaker independent recognition systems found in competing devices.

This page was last edited on 24 Mayat For the users this means ericssn less in application terms and more in task orientated terms. The Mi has an understated elegance in its simple block form factor sonu it shares with the W We were impressed with how well it handled and it bodes well for the future. As of February there are still widespread problems reported with these phones for Mac users.

Unusually for a device that is designed to be used one handed, the M has neither a direction pad nor physical keys for the on screen softkeys. The Calendar application makes good use of the available screen space. The editing features are good too, with photo correction, image cropping and the ability to add clip art, text and frames to images. In these cases the keys can be pressed down on one edge or in the centre of the key to get the appropriate number.

For a business focused device the Mi has impressive multimedia support. The browser can be used in portrait of landscape mode, with the second option generally giving a better user experience.