Comment 33 Kyle M Hall Comment 80 Kyle M Hall It is very easy to find the email gateways for all the major cellular providers in the area. Good news for Koha users in Kerala: To harness this ability, we have to overcome two obstacles, How do we know what the email address is for a given service? Comment 30 Thomas Johnson Send drivers Last modified:

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Thanks for the effort, Kyle.

This should correct issues raised in comment Kyle can you rebase this. Details Diff Splinter Review.

Comment Mason James Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Send drivers Comment 12 Kyle M Hall Comment Jonathan Druart This code is capable of accepting two parameters i.

[Koha] Configuration of SMS in Koha

Again, apologies for being half awake when trying to explain my issues. Home New Browse Search [?


Comment 81 Kyle M Hall Install the driver kkoha typing in install SMS:: Save and close the file. Comment 22 Kyle M Hall Comment 27 Benjamin Rokseth Comment 24 I’m just a bot Comment 18 Kyle M Hall So for Verizon, that would be ‘vtext.

Koha Coming Attractions – Send SMS messages for free!

Object s Comment 75 Jonathan Druart The Koha version that I was applying to is 3. I believe it tests well now. Send drivers The copy of the patch that failed is found in: Send drivers Review of ssm [details] [review]: However, there is a simpler way to send a text message to a patron; by email.

Bug [QA Followup] – Unit tests 2. Comment 15 Kyle M Hall Comment 30 Thomas Johnson Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I’m signing off both, but since I wrote the Schema patch, I’d like another sign off. Save the provider even if the sms number is not modified Signed-off-by: Restore old DB Kiha the patches Comment 40 Kyle M Hall Comment 84 Kyle M Hall You should receive kha text message shortly, when I tested it, I received my sms message within the minute.


Test plans that assume person is completely naive are so much nicer.