The tool allows you to log, configure systems, run scripts, search code, and much more. The developer claims that if your machine can generate it then ‘Splunk can eat it’. Splunk is a handy monitoring tool that can alert you to changes in scripts, configurations, capture files, and even connect to network ports. You can be sent notifications by RSS, email and SNMP. While the indexing, searching and reporting aspects of Splunk are impressive, the presentation is also excellent.

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Download NowDownload Now Publisher’s Description From Parade Distribution: Print the screen on a printer, an image file or a pdf document. Select how to do it (combination of key, icons in the quick launch toolbar). Use the whole page (landscape) or leave room for comments (portrait). Use the printer current settings, or select the settings you want and use them all the time.

Preset the behavior (or behaviors) you want and use them in a one-click operation.

This basic, easy-to-use alarm clock performs its job, but is sparse on features. PCAlarm has a simple interface that gives most of its real estate to a display of the current time with a fixed image 11.

You can easily set an alarm by setting the hour and minute, choosing between a.

and p.selecting the desired alarm type (cuckoo, buzzer, or MP3WMA file), and selecting On.

A snooze feature is available, which we like. However, this application lacks key features that would make it more competitive, including the ability to set multiple alarms, create reminder messages, and customized display features.


Though not as robust as its competitors, users will find this freeware will meet basic needs.

Sponsored Manage updates with the Download App. Download NowDownload Now Publisher’s Description From Advanced Computer Technology: Simple to use alarm 1131 program for Windows OS with snooze.

Set an alarm time and type and it minimizes to your system tray. Use it as a simple timer to keep track of time spent on the computer, or as a complete replacement for your home alarm clock.

PCAlarm is completely free and will not expire.

This application scans and detects inappropriate files and folders containing suspicious words and content, but the bulk of its features are exclusive to the registered version.

During installation, the program gives you the option to simply run Omniquad Detective without actually installing it.

However, this option contains an error and immediately shuts the installation window down.

Its user-friendly interface allows you to scan your PC for moot items containing explicit terms from its keyword list, to which you can add. The program’s scanning process is dreadfully slow and any items identified by file content aren’t viewable. However, you can view any items recognized by their file name, although deletion isn’t available in this version.

Nevertheless, personal PC users and system administrators in need of a spy tool to determine if questionable materials are lurking on their machines will find it useful.


Sponsored Manage updates with the Download App. Download NowDownload Now Publisher’s Description From Omniquad: Detective is Omniquad’s solution for those who have misgivings about how and for what their computer systems were used.

It examines computer activity BACKWARDS, detects illicit content and then displays a comprehensive log for inspection detailing what illicit material was stored, when and where.

In addition to the existing extensive vocabulary set, user input is also supported.

This option makes it more versatile and gives you more control. You can easily add hot keys and assign sound effects to your keystrokes with AceKeyboard, though the demo version disables any user programming.

AceKeyboard’s simple, menu-driven interface is novice-friendly. Most keyboards don’t include volume controls or other media-related keys, but with this utility, you can quickly assign hot keys that operate your media 1311 and other applications’ functions.

AceKeyboard includes numerous built-in functions that you can 1131 set as hot keys. We found the open or create e-mail, the system hibernation, and the system shutdown functions easy to implement and operate.

Users in private offices can easily add sound effects to keystrokes.