When compared, both POI and Jxl do the same job. Hi Seetaram, I am also getting the same error. Hi Sitaram, Thanks for the reply and clarifying the doubts. Robotframework — Working with Date and Time. Thanks for your time Seetaram. For example write a POJO for the test data, Read the excel file and then load the data into this object, then you can close the excel connection.

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But I actually started using JXL first and continued with it.

Parameterization/Data Driven Testing Of Selenium Webdriver Test Using Excel

Hi Seetaram, I created the project as you mentioned in above. This link gives a simple example of how pagameterization dataprovider annotation can be used using hardcoded values.

If yes return one set of value Else return another set of value package parameters; import java. XML file can be imported into Excel sheet. This is one way of creating parametric data and using with JUnit it for testing.


Please subscribe to RSS feed or Email. Do you want to get updates on the recent articles written? First thanks for your post. It howw be something like for i in users: Your help would be really appreciated.

Suppose If I want to check a login screen for different members like manager,user,admin,e. Where aare your contact details though? TC2 pqr cde 3.

Parameterization of Selenium Tests with Microsoft Excel

Such is life of experts Below are two class: This helps prevent hardcoding values into the script. Let’s study them in detail – Parameters annotation with Testng. Selenium is simply a framework to interact with a web UI. I have associated Parameteriztion jxl.

I have same query. That can be done via two ways:.

Parameterization of Selenium Tests with Microsoft Excel

Since, POI is from apache you can expect updates and community support. I use Eclipse with maven plugins and I have no previous experience on Selenium Webdriver.

Is there any method through which we can parameterized the Webdriver? In the following exampleWe check if method name is testMethodA.


What is Gecko Driver? If not so what kind of problem it can create. Cancel reply Leave a Comment. In case if the parameter name is same hoq suite level and test level then test level parameter will get preference over suite level. Diagnostics; Regards, Seetaram Reply. Use the following links for documentation and the download:.

The first class, which you paameterization call Main Class, will be public static void. If DataProvider is present in the different class then the class where the test method resides, DataProvider should be static method.

Good post on Selenium parameterization.