The pen’s side switch is a two-way rocker, and you can set each direction to do something different. And there are macro capabilities – one symbol can not just go to your Webmail URL say , but it can log you in, too. This is not one of those crummy pack-in graphics apps that come with cheap scanners and webcams. There’s also Landscape Flipped and Portrait Flipped modes, so the tablet can be any way around you like. Here are the details if you enjoy math.

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Serious professional ones can cost an easy thousand Australian dollars.

Selection test One of the benefits of this tablet is the ease with which you can achieve selections in your digital imaging software. Well, OK, maybe I just couldn’t figure out how to without cutting some plastic.

Wacom Graphire 2 graphics tablet Review

It’s a home-user-ish package that lets you share images online. The round shiny thing still attached to the bottom half of the casing is just a metal weight. Of course, if you’ve ever heard your MP3 player software break up while the machine is working hard, you’re well aware of this anyway. On the down side, the mouse’s alignment’s determined by the positioning graaphire the tablet. Bigger tablets, obviously, make fine work easier.


It just calls relative and absolute “mouse mode” and graphore mode”, and you can set either device to work in either way. But it’s no bigger. Tablets give you a pressure-sensitive pen for input, that does left-mouse-ish things when you press it onto the tablet, and which usually offers another button or three for other functions. Acceleration’s a good way to get easy full-screen cursor movement without having to row the traphire around, if you’ve got a small mouse pad.

Wacom Graphire Review

Bring the pointing device back down in, say, the top right corner, though, and that’s where the cursor will immediately jump. The pen is basic with tips at each end, both are configurable in the setup software. Shown below is an example of several tools from Painter Classic which also show the effect of gradually exerting pressure using the pen.

Grpahire mouse and pen freeze up when your computer is under heavy load startup, loading and closing programs And it’s completely immune to dirt. Give Dan some money! Being a slow mouser, I can’t really test it myself without becoming very nervous.


They were hiding a limitation of the tablet. The pen takes some getting used to. If you want real control nuances for computer artwork, you need a graphics tablet.

And that’s not all you can set. Next the pen was used for the same selection: The pen’s pressure response range isn’t limited to the normal-pen-use force range.


For everyday pointing tasks a mouse works better. Corel Painter Classic is an excellent product to include with the graphics tablet and is so graphlre to use even children could have fun with it.

The active portion of the tablet is 5 x 3. Since you have the pen, you’ll probably never want to do any geaphire work with the mouse.

You must be a member to leave a comment. It’s still much better than trying to do pen-like things with a mouse, but true analogue pen response it is not. It’s not perfect, but it’s got excellent driver software, a decent bundle, and a great price. Neither is it the equal of the current version 6 retail edition of Painter, of course.

Shake well before serving. Visit our Competitions Forum, where you’ll find our monthly competition and other external competitions to enter. If you want to use a computer to make analog-looking art, a mouse just doesn’t cut it.