My board has a different crystal 16MHz but I think I have done the necessary changes such as the master clock is 48MHz. There has to be a way to make things simpler for me! The fix for K64F has been committed on GitHub , and will be available with the next release of the components on SourceForge. Freescale itself is offering a similar solution presented here. The components and the example project can be downloaded from here.

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So I need a driver for it? Of course I have not working on that problem full-time, but nearly every week-end I thought that this problem should be solvable.

Cancel reply Enter your comment here Make both components refer to different files, or change those filenames not to be in conflict? I see the LED1 flashing slowly. Hi, thanks for this tutorial it has been very helpful to me. rreescale

As such, it is much more complex: It can be used in component script only. I hope this helps, Erich. How could i do to: Still, it typically does not solve your drivers problem. My board has a different crystal 16MHz but I think I have done the necessary changes such as the master clock is 48MHz. Learn how your comment data is processed. USB means much more than two serial wires plus power: You are commenting using your Twitter account.


And as in this freescael, the right hint can come from somebody else.

Kinetis USB CDC driver supported on Windows8, Windows10

I was really hoping you could give me a few hints on solving this. See the original article here. Hi Daniel, glad to see that it works now for you. I had a PREN student showing up into my office.

USB or not: CDC with Processor Expert | MCU on Eclipse

Yes, I have tried to use cdc. Notify me of new posts via email. So no need any more for that converter IC. Excelente el blog, y todos tus post. Great to see that it works for you know. Act on data in real-time. There is as well a cdc. Maybe interrupts are switched off somewhere?

Install Drivers for NXP FRDM-KL25Z Board – MATLAB & Simulink

First of all, thanks for this great tutorial! Definitely not the easiest thing.

Now it works Like Like. Identical firmware, identical hardware, but Windows 7 64 bit refuses to let me install CDC device driver. Clock Settings for USB. Again probably something simple not set — if you have any ideas I would appreciate your input — thanks!


I know that there are possible problems with unsigned driver installation, but there are plenty of articles which show how to deal with this on Windows.

If I need one, for sure it is in the other lab. Hi Erich, do you know if it is possible to instantiate two CDC components, without conflicts?