These parameters can be set via the telnet terminal or the web browser interface. Product information, software announcements, and special offers. For details of doing this, refer to the “Soft” Runtime Calibration section below. Thanks to all the people who have helped test this and have provided information on the cable wiring, our best guess for the cable schematic is the following:. Hardware companies often think like this — they lock up interfaces by instinct, cornering a small market rather than growing a bigger one. This event is generated when the mains return only if the onbattery event has been generated. It means that you have probably not enabled the Network Information Server in your configuration file for apcaccess to work.

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Normal room ventilation is sufficient to remove any hydrogen, so special ventilation is not required. This event is generated each time the communications line with the computer is severed.

Apcupsd problem with APC Back-ups 500

This can be convenient for keeping an eye on a room full of UPSes from your desktop. Despite the lack of official information from APC, vapid table has been constructed. You will need to know the corresponding APC model number. Reply Quote 0 1 Reply Last reply. Stop the PowerChute plus [or apcupsd] software from running and disconnect the serial cable. This event is generated immediately when apcupsd detects that the UPS has switched to batteries.


After a few more seconds total around 15 secondsplug the power cord back in and ensure that apcupsd is aware apculsd the power has returned. Alternately, you apply the linux We are striving to provide a useful package that works across all platforms, and welcome your feedback. At the current time, to change the default options, you must either manually run apcupsd or you must manually edit the system registry and modify the appropriate entries.

It would be possible to have a client also work as a server, but that would increase the delay of information getting from the UPS to the secondary client. To do so, you must have a minimal knowledge of Unix shell programming. This event is generated 5 or 6 seconds after an initial powerfailure is detected. Finally, there are a number of technical reference sections which gives full details on things like configuration file directives and event-logging formats.

How was your config before the upgrade? Note that this kext will be automatically removed if you uninstall Apcupsd using ‘ make uninstall ‘, allowing Apple’s monitoring tool to once again access the UPS. Currently, apcupsd will save at most the last 50 events.

Normally after the power is cut and restored, you must explicitly press a button for the power to actually be turned on.

This is necessary if you wish your system dannot automatically reboot when the mains power is restored. The above pertains to Red Hat systems only. However, in two cases, it can be very useful to use syslog to write this information. This package is not available in the “Package Vaild The green LED next to the button is a sensitivity setting indicator – brightly lit is “high” sensitivity, dimly lit is “medium”, and off is “low” sensitivity.


APCUPSD User Manual

You should be sure that logins are disabled on the port you are going to withokt, otherwise you will not be able to communicate with the UPS. He then built one from his diagram and it works perfectly. Workaround Upgrade linux kernel to 2. Checking the logs, I see this: We use standard Unix serial port read balid write calls so once a connection is made, we generally have few problems.

In the course of using it, I have added information gleaned from apcupsd and information graciously supplied by APC. Once installed apcupsd normally runs as a system service.

Users – usb driver error

Your normal UNIX user ID must own the source tree directories, and you must have the normal development tools in your path. If this happens, or out of precaution, you can edit the c: After the su, you may not have a path to the make program anymore.

UPS load and runtime on battery cnotinue inversely proportional: