Fully updated using windows update. Alternative to BlueSoleil righty Widcomm protocol software comes in at least three forms: Alternative to BlueSoleil I tghink the Blue soleil drivers are pretty much a de facto standard. Is there a Filemaker open source alternative? Alternative to BlueSoleil aah, fairdo’s, i’ll give vista another chance. He studied writing and journalism at Portland State University.

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I have yet to this day find a working solution but thanks to this post I have found some suggestions of other drivers that have somewhat supplemented my blkesoleil. Please help Im sick of seeing bluesoleil telling me that i got a trial driver for my legitimately owned dongle.

Discussion in ‘ All Other Software ‘ started byFeb 1, Is there any open source emergency software? What is the altenative open source alternative to Skype? Is there an open source alternative to Sphere Engine? I just stuck my bluetooth dongle in the usb port and windows installed the generic bluetooth driver.

Its a separate dongle unfortunately my EeeBox wasnt a model that supports bluetooth.

Use the Thanks button! Is there an open source alternative for the IVT Bluesoleil software?

Alternative to BlueSoleil?

He studied writing and journalism at Portland State University. It appears to be unbranded.

Alternative to BlueSoleil The driver should already be in Vista, or at least available from Windows Updates, most bluetooth dongles have a pretty standard interface. Alternative to BlueSoleil Can you not just use Windows?


I had a blue soleil bluetooth USB device – which I plugged into my Linux box – more in hope than expectation – it just worked and with far less faff than on a Windows installation Not much use to you, except that after a Google search, I couldn’t find any alternatives which is probably why you got no response the first time you posted. One of the more common alternatives is Widcomm, produced by Broadcom.

Alternatives to bluesoleil?

Have you tried simply uninstalling the BlueSoleil trialware and finding out whether Windows XP supports your dongle natively? BTE for embedded systems a computer system built-in to a device to perform one or a few specific functionsBTW to connect with Windows devices alternatve desktop and laptop PCs Widcomm Bluetooth 6.

I need an alternative to bluesoleil. I have found a version of widcomm that seems to sortof work.

BlueSoleil Alternative

Join overother people just like you! Is there an open-source software for an online newspaper? I tried connecting just through the regular “add device method,” and it was a no go although I think 2 things could be affecting it: So what’s tying you to Windows?

Any modern Linux distro will have full Bluetooth support right out of the box, more media-hub-related stuff available than you can possibly use, and will waste less of your time than Windows.


One of the simplest alternatives is to use the [Bluetooth] https: I slternative love to find other means like the windows xp manager though i have no idea where im looking for that I havent seen anything mentioning bluetooth in control panel. Your problem is that you bought a computer from a company that is going out of its way to not support a piece of hardware it ships with. You dismissed this ad.

Is there an open source alternative to Google Alerts?

Is there an open source alternative for the IVT Bluesoleil software? – Quora

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Rant aside I have windows xp on my new EeeBox bluetooth not included in this model I plan on using it in part as a media hub of sorts. Subtitled videos on an iPhone?