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I have a year-old son seventh grade who has been visiting gay porno sites two times that I know about. He almost had me believing that it wasn't him going to those sites. I couldn't be gay. At that point it was consuming way too many of my thoughts. When I made sure that it was him I asked if he'd been going to any porn sites. If he is gay, or bisexual, just let it be known that you're accepting of LGBT rights in his presence on a relatively occasional basis. Learn More.

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They don't make people who they are.

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Savage Love. Shame him. Lucas went on to describe his mom as having become hysterical after finding out about the text, going on a drinking binge, crying and yelling out of control in desperation and despair. They just landed here.

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I knew that what I was feeling wasn't normal for boys, that my other friends were talking about girls and playboy.

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