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Wray described Stimpy as his favorite character to draw. But THIS version of the show is just unsettling. The gay episodes ruined the thoughts of my childhood, it was completely gross I'm the pitcher your the catcher. TNN has purchased only six new episodes and I think that was to play it safe and see how the public reviewed them. Sure, at first glance the five seasons we spent with Ren Hoek and Stimpson J.

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Without those two things, all the humor is gone.

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I will admit: Zillions of great moments — but one of my favorites was the episode when Ren and Stimpy are ushering immigrants through Ellis Island, and the guy just ahead of them in line gives his name as "Chad Jones" to Stimpy, whereupon Stimpy replies that it's too complicated and foreign-sounding, and rechristens the man "Bagayho Bagdasarian. They are straight in some episodes Take "Naked Beach Frenzy" for example:

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