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A harsh new criminal law in Brunei — which includes death by stoning for sex between men or for adultery, and amputation of limbs for theft — went into effect on Wednesday, despite an international outcry from other countries, rights groups, celebrities and students. Later in the eighteenth century, waves of prosecutions can be identified in the s and s. The latest phase of implementation, including the brutal new provisions, was quietly announced on the Brunei attorney general's website on December 29, The Advocate. A new statement from the office of Brunei's Prime Minister says the country has "always been practicing a dual legal system, one that is based on the Syariah Shariah Law and the other on Common Law.

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These were energetic and animated clubs and the men who frequented them were often christened with female names, sometimes having to do with their physical features or professions.

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The map in this story has been updated to correctly reflect the legal status of Mozambique. Whether Brunei will keep its word remains to be seen, but the small country on the island of Borneo near Malaysia is not the only nation where gay men and women are being persecuted. Death Penalty Worldwide. The death penalty is a legal form of punishment in Brunei, but the last execution was carried out in

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Landslide sweeps through traffic, kills 1.

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