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The event has often drawn national news coverage for its ability to attract support from influential political figures. At 66 years old, legendary bodybuilder and actor Lou Ferrigno quickly developed a reputation at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo as a workhorse During the recent provincial election campaignthe United Conservative Party vowed to replace the School Act with the unproclaimed Education Act. Join this webring to receive addition traffic to your own website. Log In Username: News Releases. Involved in both the feminist and gay rights movements, Miller says she was able to take on the activist role at the time because she found a job where she was able to be open about her identity.

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Illustrations By Taryn Gee.

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Fri Jun 28, Glitter and Be Gay. National PostSeptember 5, During a meeting that took place before the Pride Week, collaboratively, all stakeholders reached a joint decision that, while there would be no official CPS entry in the parade, CPS members were invited to participate out of formal uniform, while still identifying as members of CPS, with any community organizations in the parade with which they have an affinity, in solidarity with the GSD community. Brett Mason, co-director and a support worker at Calgary Outlink Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversityan organization that provides support to the LGBTQ community, says some members of the community face more difficulty than others.

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