Research on gay and lesbian couples

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Recently, [ when? Journal of Marriage and Family 69 May Bivariate logistic regression models tested the effect of parent psychological distress, family instability, child peer stigmatization and biological parentage, both overall and by opposite- sex family structure. It shows that in the majority of cases, the most successful are children of married couples, followed by children of cohabiting couples and finally by children of homosexual couples. The children demonstrated a sophisticated understanding of diversity and tolerance. Findings revealed that lack of parental preparation for the adoption, and parental depressive symptoms, were associated with higher parent-reported levels of both externalizing and internalizing symptoms.

research on gay and lesbian couples
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Coparenting is associated with child behavior in families with heterosexual parents, but less is known about coparenting among lesbian- and gay-parent families.

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Together with this philosophy, contributors recognized the reality that our gay and lesbian patients grow up to be gay and lesbian adults. Average differences favor women over men, but parenting skills are not dichotomous or exclusive. Results indicated that same-sex and heterosexual parents did not differ with respect to their parent practices or home-school partnerships. Visit Source Website Rosenfeld, M.

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Compared to matched adolescents from a national probability sample, adolescents with same-sex parents were more likely to report occasional substance use but not more likely to report heavy use.

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