International gay marriage laws

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Academic fields and discourse. More than 25 years of research have documented that there is no relationship between parents' sexual orientation and any measure of a child's emotional, psychosocial, and behavioral adjustment. The Associated Press warns that the construct gay marriage can imply that the marriages of same-sex couples are somehow different from the marriages of opposite-sex couples. Marshall Islands A lesbian or bisexual woman has the option of artificial insemination. On 16 January, the Panamanian Government welcomed the decision.

international gay marriage laws
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Legal since [75] [76] [77].

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Equatorial Guinea. Whilst the Scottish Government was in favour of same-sex marriage, it stated that no religious body would be forced to hold such ceremonies once legislation is enacted. Under French law [].

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Scientific studies show that the financial, psychological, and physical well-being of gay people are enhanced by marriage, and that the children of same-sex parents benefit from being raised by married same-sex couples within a marital union that is recognized by law and supported by societal institutions.

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