Gays and lesbians in aviation

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Happy employees add tremendous value. Upon graduating from Embry-Riddle, Jason Isreal was referred to a Fortune flight department and landed a job as a first officer. He shared that the way the NGPA approaches diversity and inclusion in aviation is to focus on how both issues have the potential to affect safety. Having begun flying in her early 30s—right after coming out—Bethe Stenning says she was uncomfortable talking about her personal life at work. The company Jason worked for was—and still is—a diverse and inclusive organization, with LGBT professionals in all roles, including management. Before our Chief Pilot retired, we were percent gay pilots.

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He shared that it was most difficult when he was working at a Midwestern-based charter company, paired with someone for two weeks at a stretch.

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Aviation ‘Pride’ Takes on a Welcome New Meaning

As I probed a little further, she told me about a time when she was having lunch in a group setting and an acquaintance asked her about a boyfriend. You might go sightseeing in Paris for a week with them. Bethe revealed that she recently accepted her first role with a Part carrier. Learn how your comment data is processed. So many of us do. So, if we know that flight operations groups comprised of pilots will closely follow those who lead them, it follows that leaders who understand and practice inclusiveness themselves have the influence within their flight operations departments to make that environment fully inclusive of everyone.

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So many of us do. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And that went on for three and a half years. You share meals with them. Then he asked the interviewer why they were asking that question. Happy employees add tremendous value. She told me that she did not—due to the brief nature of the interview—but that she had been prepared to mention it.

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