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The paper, citing its sources in the Chechen special services, called the wave of detentions a " prophylactic sweep". Einsatzgruppen Gas van Gas chamber Extermination through labour Human experimentation. However, all the countries and territories in Oceania where homosexuality is illegal the penalty is not enforced de facto and in some cases the legalization has been proposed or is pending. Claussen; Olav Eggesvik 21 August For men, the punishment is banishment for nine months to one year or a whipping of 10 to 30 strokes.

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The law may also have been used to prosecute adult male citizens who willingly took a pathic role in same-sex actsbut prosecutions are rarely recorded and the provisions of the law are vague; as John Boswell has noted, "if there was a law against homosexual relations, no one in Cicero 's day knew anything about it.

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The gathering proceeded even so, and they tried to lay flowers at the Monument to the Victims of Repression. Human Rights Watch. Sexual orientation change efforts and Nazi human experimentation.

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