Gay co-parenting wanted

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Co-parenting is the ability for parents to work together successfully in the bringing up of their children. The two of them—Brendan, a gay man and Tatijana, a straight woman—should make a baby together. I don't care what DG did in his past. In part due to his relationship with the mom and distance. The three of them got along like a house on fire.

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This is a tough one.

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Elective co-parenting: Putting a new spin on friends with benefits

I would understand his confession to mean that his sexuality is fluid and includes attraction to both men and women. I know that he said she got pregnant and it was the beginning of the end of their relationship and that they were not together when his child was born. People tend to have clean cut ideas about most topics, but for whatever reason, the thoughts on homosexuality are always in flux. We know there's a lot to consider and many potential disappointments in store for the future. That message is already widely available in our society; and your daughter probably has already heard some version of the message.

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Not necessarily the homosexuality sinner thing but that is in the bible and she may come across it one day. Really, people… I'm sure he's aware of what he should've done differently. If you make a point of criticizing homosexuality, your daughter can be expected to take this as tacit criticism of her mother. So you don't have to point out his error there…he sees it for himself. A counselor or therapist can help. Like any other relationship, co-parenting relationships are imperfect and can deteriorate in a fog of misunderstandings or explode in a collision of discordant expectations.

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