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Mosey to Miami and book your vacation at the one and only ElementDoral! The antiques and the historical markets, theaters, museums and of course the great art masterpieces of the past. To participate you can write to gruppo. There are several gay clubs, so you will be given plenty of gay clubbing options. Gays are drawn to Florence for many of the same reasons as everyone else.

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Nonetheless, there are some gay venues right in Florence.

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Top Gay Clubs & Bars in Florence, Italy

For example, the largest gay venue is Fabrik, in Calenzano, 15 km outside of Florence. With great irony these guys propose the Finocchiona Cup finocchiona is the typical Tuscan salami with fennel but also a term used to refer to a gay person in the Florentine slang. Florence is a very beautiful city in Italy which you are surely going to love! But honestly talking, Florence is probably the gayest city in Italy. IREOS also organizes training courses on discrimination, meetings and educational projects in the schools of Florence to encourage debate and discussions on issues like homophobia, transphobia, gender stereotypes, human rights and other related issues.

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Gays are drawn to Florence for many of the same reasons as everyone else. Please fix the following errors: The locals are very friendly people so you will feel really comfortable as well as you will meet many gay people! Campervan Essentials for Life on the Road. Mat Thomson Published on: Vacation guilt free at this… twitter.

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