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I accept that solo books with female leads have proven a hard sell for a male-dominated audience, but I don't see why any team book with seven members should ever have only one or two women. All photos courtesy of Titan Books. Developing the Spandex series was a generally easy process. Digital distribution may change that, but we're not there yet. Indeed, I think the book challenges the stereotypes and challenges the expectations of heterosexuals like myself who are bombarded by representation of camp asexual gay males by TV and film.

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Previous to DC's line-wide superhero reboot, a lot of readers wanted Superboy to be gay as well so that he and Tim could be a couple.

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Spandex : How the First All-Gay Superhero Team Came About (PHOTOS)

Posted on June 6, by martineden I was excited when Marvel boasted that its Marvel NOW Avengers roster would include "a lot of female characters, a lot of great diversity," and I confess I was disappointed when the first 14 members were revealed on the covers for the first three issues. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. I'm willing to bet that giving Gambit a tortured same-sex romance would bring in more female readers than changing Power Girl's outfit ever could. She's incredible in Boys and Girls Next Door. But I think I was lucky, and it's actually really weird, because just as my book is coming out, there are lots of big gay things going on in the comics world gay marriages, characters coming out, etc. But let's be frank; Wonder Woman has always struggled to find an audience, and she's always been hugely popular with gay audiences.

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Since then we've had one other reference to Hercules' bisexuality, when it was implied at his funeral that he had slept with Northstar. There aren't many original ideas left in this world, whether it comes to music, literature, or movies. Shag, Marry, or Dump: All photos courtesy of Titan Books. But it's easier to get to Riverdale at the grocery store than to get to Gotham City at the comic store.

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