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Absent such a reference, should the "confirmed" list more properly be entitled "Persons whose Wikipedia biography asserts their homosexuality? I guess you could make a DVD of poorly recorded camera videos! The current wording of the introductory sentence of this main article as of writing is "This is a referenced overview list of notable gay, lesbian or bisexual people. Don't look too much into it. So having a wife and children is a difficult argument to make for someone's sexual orientation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Lincoln's rumoured sexuality was an issue in his lifetime, specifically his relationship with two men, to such an extent that a ficticious "love affair" with a non-existent woman was created by close friends.

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In this case, openly gay folk could just have "open" next to the names. And please, all of you, try to find consensus here first, without name-calling, instead of continuing to revert over medieval clergymen and the like: A suitable quotation from the book would be nice--then we could judge for ourselves whether it is a forthright statement, a strong implication, or a veiled suggestion. Is it sufficient to have one single reliable source or does it require more than that? I want no part of compiling names for this list if anyone who wishes to add an individual for their own opinion or agenda can add simply by quoting a "reputable" source from anywhere online or any published book. I know this might surprise some of you, but making list of people according to political, religious, ethnic origins or sexual orientations may not be a good idea. Thank you for your suggestion!

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If one looks to Preludians I ryan hyde am gay: Removing these would render the list more authoritative and less subject to challenge. I think those things seem natural and hopefully positively influence people. The mere statement by another editor that "x's sexuality is debated" is itself WP:

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