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The doctor left the room and let himself out the door. Your review has been posted. Vegeta couldn't say anything Goku took hold of Vegeta's pants off pulled them off quickly the shape got bigger. The doctor then handed the bag with the medication with instructions to Vegeta. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Vegeta your friend just has a slight fever and a sore just give him this medication".

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Goku gave one last kiss to Vegeta before he fell a sleep of being exhausted.

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Gay Vegeta

Goku put Vegeta under the sheets and cleaned himself up then fell a sleep next to Vegeta. Goku not giving a care in the world simply looked out the window and gave a smile to Vegeta. Goku didn't care anymore what Vegeta said he started going more rapidly making Vegeta start to scream a bit Goku then grabbed Vegeta's manhood and stated pumping rapidly making Vegeta scream and curse. Vegeta didn't want to do that and said "I just can't pull Kakarot pants down an start rubbing it while he's a sleep he'll think im a pervert"! Story Story Writer Forum Community. Exposing Vegeta's whole naked body.

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Also this is a yaoi story so if you don't like yaoi don't read! Vegeta with the last bit of strength he had said "Kakarot im going to cum please stop". Vegeta tossed the bag on the counter next to the bed were Goku was lying at. Just In All Stories: Still having an erection Vegeta pulled both boxer and pants up still leaving a shape in his pants turned off the T. The next mourning Vegeta realized he caught Goku's fever. Goku then replied by saying "not before I do.

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