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I imagined us in each others arms. While my flirtations with him had been ongoing for weeks, I only felt that I got away with it because he was slow and wouldn't share these experiences with the others. I moaned quietly to myself. Thank goodness it was Saturday and the hands were off for the weekend. I looked directly into his blue eyes. Randy looked down on me with a knowing expression.

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He smiled, his bright white teeth in my direction.

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You always have a job here. He was drawing me in. His sharp blue eyes fixed on mine as I walked towards him. This usually manifested itself in the high school gym showers, where I'd secretly ogle my naked classmates, trying to figure out what made me different. Maybe it was his quiet and lonely nature. From the time he had hired on at my ranch, I felt a special attraction toward this beefy, six footer.

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Randy was now in front of me and my heart pounded. He then reached around my jeans and ran his fingers up the crack of my ass, smiling, his big smile. My solitude with the animals helped my personal conflict for many years. I love this place, and But, then, anyone who has enjoyed the company of animals knows that their acceptance of life is unconditional and can it be very cathartic, and, yes, the solitude with them, very sensual.

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