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Storylines would now focus primarily on the second-generation family of one of the original children; scenes and artwork from older strips would be reused in new contexts; and the characters would stop aging. When Veronica Lodge moves to Riverdale, however, he switched his attention to her, making Betty both angry and jealous. For the series of strips in Mtigwaki, Johnston was awarded the Debwewin Citation for excellence in Aboriginal issues journalism by the Union of Ontario Indians in Where are the consequences of those who are actually in charge? Retrieved August 16, — via Archie-blogs. Starfighter Love this one!! Dealing with subjects like the family tensions surrounding gay identity in a humorous manner takes a great deal of skill and sensitivity — more than most college-newspaper cartoonists can manage.

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Reggie Mantle is Archie's constant romantic and athletic rival.

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Student Newspaper Fires Cartoonist for Anti-Gay Comic Strip

Views Read Edit View history. The Element of Surprise http: You are failing to grasp what so many others do as well: The story goes that Connie adopts a dog to deal with her pre-empty-nest syndrome, and as Michael and Lawrence are talking about her desire for grandchildren, Lawrence mentions that he probably won't be giving her any, and then confesses that he's in a relationship, but with another young man. Meredith enters dance and theatre. I went to this school and am actually surprised they took action. According to Lynn Johnston, the set designs for instance, for the Patterson's house which these and subsequent TV programs required led her to develop a much more sophisticated background style in the comic strips, with the layouts of homes and even towns consistent from story to story.

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Issue revealed that this relationship had seeped into common knowledge by the end of the tour. There seriously needs to clearly defined rules of engagement in these matters cause they are too erratic and excessive at times. This article relies too much on references to primary sources. The Element of Surprise http: In the strip, Pig referred to For Better or For Worse as "that great strip that was gonna retire, but then did not, then started running repeats, then did not, then ran new ones, but then fixed up the old ones, and now is gonna run new old un-new new ones". Some strips have had altered panels, in particular those dealing with child discipline, because of the increased social and cultural opposition to corporal punishment.

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